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Abort Nation

Itís a sin exposing flesh, having sex. Itís all trapped inside your head. Deny our sin; clothe our sin; abort our sin. Itís everyoneís fault except our own. Brain washed social standards. Nowhere to turn in this stinking world. A shallow grave is home to a child borne into an unwelcomed home. Abort unwanted sin. Deny it till the end. One nation under God. No solution for the children of the status quo.


We create images to attain. Killing ourselves daily to attain. What happens at the end of the day?
Masturbate oneís ego. What happens when your backbone loses itís soul? A society uncivilized
behind closed doors. Vile vermin lust, festering perversion in human form. Rape defile crush innocent
flesh by living a lie.


When will we awaken from our dreamless slumber. The reality of our nightmare comes forth as our savior


Brother you scratch and claw your way out of a hole whose walls you think are your fellow man. Dog eat dog, eat dog, eat dog. You scratch and claw but the walls are you. Law of the land; law upon law, upon law, upon law. Killing for crime, killing for killing were the good old days. Canít overcome our prejudices. Need the state to impose social order. Doomed to suffer by the hand of our own ignorance. The walls keep closing in every day. Choking on our own good intentions. Our faith in a system which systematically whittles our freedoms away one by one, by one, by one; law by law, by law, by law, by law.


Cleanse our minds of question. Accept blindly so that we may see. Worship the iron fist of freedom where obedience is morality. Fear the force which propels justice; an extension of your loving mercy. We will march in your celestial armies with our boots raised high. Born criminals. Branded by birth. We pray for joy, but accept our sentence of pain.


The agony of unfulfillment is the process by which we are slowly consumed. He who lurks is our shadow baiting the trap of illusion with desire. The masks worn by those who perpetuate the illusion of liberty aren't unlike those worn by the living few during the times of plague.

Eat Yourself Alive

Living inside fester grow. Living inside you. Bleed. Living inside fester grow. Thatís the way we bleed. Who knows the power of human lust? Whoís seen a woman kill? I know the lies and the mistrust. Iíve seen a woman/society/a man kill. It rips; it claws; it beats; it tears. It burns from inside. It lashes out and destroys our lives. Our urge to live kills. Eat yourself alive!

El Paso

We destroy the earth. We section it off. Create nations of glory guarding the motherland/fatherland. Willing to kill the garbage coming to steal our birthright, our genocidal birthright. We fear the human refuse knowing deep inside we are no different. Willing to speak of the good life. In El Paso the zones are so clearly marked. I canít imagine life beyond El Paso. Yet I have learned the fear. Divide ourselves, diminish ourselves. Expect less than we want; fear less than we have. Willing to kill the garbage coming to steal our birthright, our genocidal birthright. We fear the human refuse knowing that deep inside we are no different. Willing to kill for the good life.

Fall Hollow

Movements fall easily when words fall hollow. True change within our grasp. A call to arms, a call for justice, the last call for alcohol to which do we give priority? For if self gratification is the direction then we are truly led like lambs to the slaughter. Words of defiance need acts of defiance. Lives lacking substance lack signigicance.

Fashionably Irreverant

I've got the newest revoution. Got the newest style. Even coined the phrase for the next generation. Let's create a forum for people who think like us, where we exchange ideas to reinforce the old ones. Let's create the new standard to liberate the mind, and attack anyone who steps out of line. We'll all wear special hats to know whose down with the revolution.


Get up get going and sweat to your hearts content. In the morning it feels like Iím staring at the sun. Sweat and I sweat. Sweat till my dying day. Try to run. Canít get away. Not fast enough. Iím here to stay. My head is squashed like a grape by sounds that try to tear my head apart. All the disappointments of others lives are piled onto me by their screams. All the paths they could have made. All the chicks they could have laid. All the money that they have lost. Now all the pressure is on their heads, to spill out in anger, tempers misdirected. Twisting, contorting, stunting, destroying. Laying the path of endless disappointments, they use to riddle everybodyís lives.

Flesh Cages

Weíre living our lives inside of flesh cages. Weíre living our lives trapped inside of flesh cages.

The Mule

Desire drives us onward. Fighting the natural order. We are abominations. The mule.

Nothing But Dirt

Tactics of condemnation don't improve our situation. Harsh words to those in need with no regard for alternate creeds. Because faith cannot be given through will or force the winds of change will run their course. Too alienated for sincere connection. Dogma prevents unification. We must focus on humanitarian goals without the destructive need to control. You may ask me where's my faith; faith in what? it's not fair that I can see. If you say I'm blind then why aren't you? There's nothing in my life saying yeah or neah. I wish god had a report to answer all my cries, but if he exists he's left us in the dark. I look to the sky and the sun and stars are all I see. I dig and I dig and find nothing but dirt.


I reach out numb. Burnt splinters in my eyes. Branded Iím branded. Inadequacy runs through me. A hole not whole. Does it have to be?

Misanthropic Manifesto

Arrogantly we stand proud to be members of the human race, able to weild power over the earth and her inhabitants. Illusions of superiority crumble as disease fills us and the land slowly rots beneath our feet. Pitifully we huddle together bickering over space in this polluted festering urban cesspool and yet still utterly alone in our misery. Merrily we trod the path to self destruction as vile parasites we are the godhead.

Tongue Tied

Standing on the sidewalk you hold me close. Tears are falling from your eyes but Iím standing shell shocked. I donít know what to say or do; you are going away. I donít know the way I feel or if I want you to stay with me. Waiting at the bus station you are going away. I came all this way for you. I am such a fool.


My hands are bloody from thoughts undone. My hands are bloody, carnal lust. Her pain perverse pleasure. I am undone.


We roam the earth with no one but ourselves, sucking each other dry. Our blood drains into a sea of nothingness. We've exploited everything, and even the sun has become a lifeless coal. The air is stagnant and thick. We howl songs of our personal misery, but no one listens. This wasteland was once our home. What has become of those things that we had, those promises we made, those bonds long since broken? Creating covenants with ourselves with little thought to tomorrow. Buried by our artificial world as it crumbles upon us. United in death so that perhaps the world can live again.

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