Tour 99/00 Itinerary:


Sep 17 Reno, NV 

Sep 18  Colorado Springs, CO 80905 

Sep 20 Tulsa, OK 

Sep 21 Little Rock, AR 

Sep 25 The Java Pit 
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 

Sep 27 Tampa (w/ Reversal of Man)? 

Sep 28 Orlando, FL (w/ Reversal of Man)? 

Sep 29 The Velvet Elvis 
Savannah, GA 

Oct1 Richmond, VA? 

Oct 2 Washington, D.C. ? 

Oct 3 Pittsburg, PA? 

Oct 4 Philadelphia, PA? 

Oct 5 Rochester, NY (w/ A Death Between Seasons) 

Oct 14 Wroclaw, Poland 

 Oct 15 Rozbrat Squat 5th Anniversary 
Poznan, Poland (w/ Post Regiment) 

Oct 16 Hannover, Germany (w/ Post Regiment) 

Oct 17 Bremen, Germany (w/ Post Regiment) 

Oct 18 Hamburg, Germany (w/ Post Regiment) 

Oct 19 Tielona Gora, Poland 

Oct 20 Torun, Poland 

Oct 23 Goldap, Poland 

Oct 24 Lodz, Poland 

Oct 28 Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland 

Oct 29 Kraków, Poland 

Oct 30 Katowice, Poland 

Oct 31 Nowy Targ, Poland 

Nov 2 Cadca, Slovakija 

Nov 3 Hradec Kralove Slovakija 

Nov 5 Prague, Czech (w/ Kobayashi) 

Nov 6 Vsetin, Czech (w/ Kobayashi) 

Nov 7 Vienna, Austria (w/ Kobayashi) 

Nov 9 St. Poelten, Austria 

Nov 10 Klagenfürt, Austria 

Nov 12 Udine, Italy? 

Nov 13 Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenija (w/ Brother Inferior) 

Nov 14 Zelezniki, Slovenija (w/ Brother Inferior) 

Nov 18 Milano, Italy 

Nov 19 Cervia, Italy 

Nov 20 Modena, Italy 

Nov 21 Roma, Italy 

Nov 23 Vigevano, Italy 

Nov 24 Pavia, Italy 

Nov 25 Torino, Italy 

Nov 26 Lausanne, Switzerland 

Nov 27 Inns, Switzerland 

Nov 28 Bern, Switzerland 

Nov 29 Lugano, Switzerland? 

Nov 30 Geneva, Switzerland? 

Dec 3 Luzern, Switzerland? 

Dec 4 Zurich, Switzerland 

Dec 11 Groningen, Germany? 

Dec 12 Amsterdam, Netherlands? 

Dec 14 Alkmaar, Netherlands? 

Dec 15 Utrecht, Netherlands? 

Dec 16 Eindhoven, Netherlands? 

Dec 17 Liege, Belgium 

Dec 18 Gent, Belgium? 

Dec 19 Lille, France? 

Dec 21 Rouen, France? 

Dec 22 Tours, France? 

Dec 23 Bordeaux, France? 

Dec 24 St Jean De Luz, France? 

Dec 25 Madrid, Spain 

Dec 26 Bilbao, Spain? 

Dec 28 Xuxon, Spain? 

Dec 30 Zaragoza, Spain? 

Dec 31 Barcelona, Spain 

Jan 4 St Etienne, France? 

Jan 5 Dijon, France? 

Jan 6…etc in Europe? 

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